Tiff J Tiff Sutton

#girlseatingfruit; Tiffany Sutton Photography

Tsion with Grapefruit, 2018

Ali with Orange, 2018

Anna with Plums, 2018

Jessie with Lime, 2018

Delia with Lemons,2018

Anya holding Pomergrantes,2018

Anya standing with Pomegrantes,2018

Anya with Pomergrante seeds,2018

Abi and Brittney with Plums, 2018

Lindsay with Pineapple, 2018

Marianne with Blood Oranges, 2018

Lauren K with Honey Crisp Apple,2018


Stacy with Clemetines, 2018  

Brooke with Green Apple, 2018

Necia with Blood Oranges, 2018

Elsie and Tierney with Pears,2018

Lanie and Jessie with Plums, 2018

Lauren with Purple and Green Olives 

Sarah with Tomato, 2018    

Last Supper, 2018

    While preparing to shoot this series, I looked for art historical references in painting. The images I found told biblical or mythological tales of women that were forbidden to eat fruit and the consequences they faced after they did. The biblical Eve and the mythological Persephone were cast out of their paradises for having a bite of the forbidden fruit.  

      For me, girls with fruit is a new take on the topic of the power of women. In the stories I want to tell women are not afraid to seek knowledge and power for themselves. 


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